What do over 500 Baby Boomers do in Panama City, Panama?

Between February 17 and 18, 2017, Panama was visited by more than 500 Baby Boomers from the United States, Canada and other parts of the world, in search of a safe and reliable destination to retire. This large group of retirees moves trough Latin America with very specific motivations, including the possibility of investment, the interest of knowing a new culture and language, acquiring a residence either near the beaches or in the mountainous areas, or simply escaping the cold of their winter seasons and thus have an alternative place of residence during those times. The latter are known as "Snow Birds" and are one of the most popular groups of visitors for the local real estate and insurance markets.

During their time in the city, tourists would be likely to visit restaurants, entertainment centers, shopping malls and tourist sites in Panama City, and with the help of HealthPanama.com, many visited our doctors and dentists offices in the search for better costs in services of these professionals.

During the conferences Dr. Andrés Báez, a specialist in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Panama City, presented valuable information for the participants of the event including the most important brands of hospitals in Panama such as the San Fernando Hospital Clinic, The Nacional Hospital, the Punta Pacifica Hospital and the Paitilla Medical Center. Dr. Báez also shared comments about the most attractive characteristics of the provision of medical services in our country, such as personalized care and the possibility of obtaining appointments with very short anticipation, accepting even walk-ins in most of our clinics.

This visit is part of a series of experiences for retired citizens organized by the International Living brand, and is part of a series of similar events held in Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Panama.

International Living personally helps about 4,000 retirees each year to find a new place to live, and hundreds of thousands more through their online resources and print publications around the world. Thanks to this work, Panama is one of the most popular destinations, especially in the locations of Coronado, San Carlos, Altos del Maria, El Valle de Anton, David and Boquete. HealthPanama.com has been part of this initiative for several years, fulfilling its responsibility to promote Panama as a destination in the world of Medical Tourism and Globalized Health.

Visitors stay in Panama all week and most of them think that exploring Panama is the next big adventure of their lives. Welcome to Panama!

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