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Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

We are a specialized center for the study, diagnosis, and treatment of respiratory illnesses. We have a team of medical specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Pneumology, and together with respiratory therapy professionals, we offer quality attention, with current state-of-the-art technology.


Specialized Consultation
Lung Function Tests
Respiratory Therapy
Bronchoscopy and Procedures
Vaccines against Respiratory Illnesses
Programs to Quit Smoking
Study of Sleep Related Respiratory Illnesses

Our center is conveniently located at the recently remodeled medical offices building of Hospital Nacional, 9th floor, with large and comforable facilities managed by our multidisciplinary staff, that will make your visit a great experience of health. We will strive to make you feel like home, and will help you in every single step of the process of recovering your health.


Dr. Nelson Santamaría
Internal Medicine and Pneumology

Dr. Rafael Paredes Torres
Internal Medicine and Pneumology

Dr. Amaranta Pernett
Internal Medicine and Pneumology

Dr. Fabio Jaramillo
Internal Medicine and Pneumology

Dr. Lorena Noriega Aguirre
Internal Medicine and Pneumology

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