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San Fernando Hospital was founded in 1949 to provide the community with high quality hospital services, being the first private hospital in the Republic of Panama. With over 60 years of existence, this remains our mission, and it has been acknowledged by three generations of doctors, health professionals and patients, who find in San Fernando Hospital the technology, professionalism, comfort and warmth that come together to create welfare.

Since the beginnings of San Fernando Hospital Clinic in 1949, we envisioned a company that would offer high quality hospital services, with highly qualified staff and equipment in a facility that was constantly renewed to maintain and ensure an up to date notion. More than ten years ago, actions to document standards, protocols and procedures were intensified; these were our first steps towards standardization in order to provide health care as safe as possible for all customers and users. We decided to work towards obtaining a security and quality accreditation, and the company chosen to work on this accreditation was JCI (Joint Commission International). Finally, after three years of hard work, on August 3, 2011, San Fernando Hospital becomes the First Hospital in Panama to obtain this prestigious accreditation.

One of the most relevant accomplishments for this achievement was the establishment of a Quality Department and a Committee for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety with the objectives of:

General Objective:
Coordinate, promote and develop a working methodology aimed at reducing risks for patients and SFH staff.

Specific Objectives:
Identify risk situations for patients and staff.
Prioritize improvement opportunities according to the situations that arise during the provision of health care.
Monitor the improvement plans established in the different care units of SFH.

The Department of Quality and the Quality Committee have established strategies to integrate the human resource in a professional job, based on the evidence that results in turning San Fernando Hospital in the first private hospital in the country that makes continuous quality improvement and patient safety a top priority. The quality and safety culture, once integrated into the daily work, will guarantee the sustainability of the hospital accreditation to the JCI (Joint Commission International). To establish a safety culture, emphasis is placed on compliance with international goals for Patient Safety and Adverse Events Management.

Re-Accreditation with JCI
On August 14th, 2014, San Fernando Hospital reaffirms its commitment with the safety of the patient and quality in his atten-tion, obtaining the Re-accreditation by the Joint Commission Inter-national, where compliance of standards required in the past, and those that were added since its certification were evaluated, which are always focused in providing healthcare centered on the following groups:

Reduction of risk during attention
Physical installations with high safety standards
Highly qualified human resource
Participation of top executives
Safe management of information

Renovation of our facilities
Today, CHSF maintains its commitment to provide personalized and integral healthcare offering technological excellence, quality and security in its attention. This is why that in 2012, its strategic renovation and expansion plan regarding infrastructure and technology initiates, with the remodeling of its installations, which initiated with reopening of the Dr. Luis D. Alfaro ward (Section I-J), one of the 4 hospitalization rooms that the hospital has.

In 2015, CHSF will celebrate the inauguration of its new maternity ward, which will count with 4 suites, 15 additional rooms and a brand new Neonatology section. Then it will proceed to move the emergency room, which will become part of the main building, counting with better accessibility, space and area, and the total remodeling of the appearance of the Hospital.

It is calculated that the project will end in approximately 2 years.

San Fernando Coronado Clinic

Under the support of the San Fernando Hospital, with a projected growth to other places outside the capital a few years ago San Fernando Coronado Clinic was born, being the most comprehensive private clinic near the Panamanian Pacific beaches offering the technology, professionalism, comfort and warmth that represents them. Just like the head office, the San Fernando Coronado Clinic is certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI), ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and patient safety.

Our vision has allowed us to anticipate the growth of the communities in the areas of Coronado San Carlos, El Valle, Altos de María, Buenaventura, etc. offering the best care to every resident and visitor in the community.

The clinic provides general and specialized medical services. Among the specializations offered are: Pediatrics; Ophthalmology; Dermatology; Internal Medicine; Gynecology; Orthopedics; Urology and others.

San Fernando Coronado Clinic is located 60 minutes from the city, at Roberto Eisenmann Avenue across from Coronado Equestrian Club. The San Fernando Coronado Clinic is open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

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