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Integral Medical Center with more than 42 years of experience, of first preference due to fine medical care and warmth of service with permanent commitment to strengthen and elevate the level of medical services in Panama and in the region.

With an investment of over 24 million US dollars to acquire new and modern structures and medical technologies, it becomes one of the hospital centers of the region with the highest standards in specialized medical technology and personnel highly trained in technique and state of the art equipment in the health arena.

Hospital Nacional de PanamĂĄ is the only medical center in the region possessing the most advanced Robotic Surgery System Da Vinci SI making it the center of reference in minimally invasive surgery in Panama and in the entire region.

Robotic surgery enables minimally invasive procedures performed through very small incisions that allow extremely precise surgery within the abdomen, thorax and through the patient’s mouth. It consists of a computerized platform with amplified vision in three dimensions controlled by the surgeon.

The Centro de CirugĂ­a RobĂłtica de Hospital Nacional de PanamĂĄ (Robotic Surgery Center of Hospital Nacional of Panama) with robotic surgeons certified by Intuitive Surgical of Sunnyvalle California (, becomes the venue of scientific events where renowned international physicians in robotics visit our country as did Dr. Vipul Patel, Director of the World Institute of Robotics, surgeon assisted by robot with the amplest experience in the world in urology and Dr. Kenneth Palmer Medical Director of the Robotic Institute of Florida, USA, who together with our national robotic surgeons shared their dexterity using the new Robotic Surgery System da Vinci ÂŽ performing surgeries of diverse nature in the human body in urology, minimally invasively and in third dimension.

Thanks to the preference of the users, accomplished through the quality of service and by offering the most complete health programs, Hospital Nacional of Panama is known to be the private medical center with the greatest index of births in the country.

Due to this, and because of the growth of patient population during the last years, Hospital Nacional created its new, modern, large and fully equipped neonatal ward, with state of the art technology brought from the United States, Germany and New Zealand; with important international medical plans and backed by an excellent and trained group of professionals comprised of pediatricians neonatologists, nurse neonatologists, specifically schooled for this specialty, being the only private hospital having this modality in nursing personnel.

HOSPITAL NACIONAL is the only private hospital in the region to have the newly storage system for medication sorting and control of inventory GALILEO, the sole automated system of the region.

It is also endowed with the backup of MACH4 pharma system, world leader of the market in pharmaceutical automation. This system allows the benefit of error reduction in medication disbursing, improves customer care to patients/clients, providing pharmaceutical advice and control in the process of merchandise entry, which is totally automated. MACH4 pharma system offers automatic medication output with one of its arms. Thanks to this technology, medication reaches in expected time to the indicated sites within the medical center.

Hospital Nacional continues to provide better solutions to our patients with oncological pathologies, as it has just purchased the most advanced equipment for the detection of cancer.
An example of this is the renovation of its Molecular Imaging Center and the recent acquisition of the GE Healthcare DISCOVERY IQ, the latest generation PET/CT scanner, capable of providing high resolution images through the use of complex computer programs.

Its use as a diagnostic tool greatly improves the anatomical localization of a tumor and better detects the presence of other tissue. It helps to capture the existence of disease in the lymph nodes in any part of the body, with a reduced possibility of a false positives result. The PET/CT can also be used to assist in the taking of a biopsy. The study is very cost effective, as to receive the same amount and quality of medical information, you would have to do multiple other tests and exams.

A health professional will be able to assist the patient by determining if this technology is correct for the case, as the study should be part of a comprehensive assessment made by the treating physician.

Beside this new technology, countries from Central America and the Caribbean now have in Panama a new option to receive the most advanced treatments with ionized radiation that are available at world level. The Centro Internacional de RadiocirugĂ­a y Radioterapia OncolĂłgica, CIRRO (International Center for Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy), located at Hospital Nacional de Panama, is the first and only medical center in Central America and the Caribbean to offer the three types of radiation treatments most advanced in the world that include: Cranial and Extra-cranial Stereotaxic Radiosurgery, High Dose Rate Brachytherapy and RapidArc Radiotherapy, in addition to other conventional modalities: IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy), IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy) and RTC3D (Three dimensional Radiation Therapy).

Being the pioneers in the region, the Centro Internacional de Radiocirugía y Radioterapia Oncológica (CIRRO), located in the prestigious Hospital Nacional de Panamá, performed the first high dose rate brachytherapy for prostate cancer which makes possible treating localized lesions during only one application of the treatment and with minimal secondary effects. This technique is useful in cervical cancer, breast cancer, rectum cancer, among others. Also, the first radiotherapy surgery was done in Panama, with this being one of the most advanced and precise treatments against cancer that exist at world level, which allows treatment of brain tumors and in other areas of the body with maximum levels of precision, that due to its size and location are inoperable through open surgery. In addition, it allows the treatment of other conditions like arteriovenous malformations, some types of epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, among others.

In the present time, the Centro Internacional de RadiocirugĂ­a y Radioterapia OncolĂłgica, CIRRO, is the first and only medical group that offers Cranial and Extracranial stereotaxic radiosurgery for the benefit both of neuro oncologic patients in the country and of the medical community.

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