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In 2006, as the real estate boom was peaking in Boquete, Magda Crespo assessed the insurance landscape in the area. After researching the providers serving the local community, and considering the rapidly growing concentration of expats from many countries, especially Canada and the United States, Magda recognized the need for an English-speaking, knowledgeable, and conscientious agent. With an extensive background in the insurance industry, she opened a small, one-woman office to serve the security, safety and health needs of Boquete and now provides the community with all types of insurance, especially health plans but also home, auto, life, and liability policies. 

From her headquarters in Boquete, Magda offers the personal attention that is her trademark. She provides a priceless service to the still growing expat community as well as the Panamanian Nationals in Chiriqui and will soon be opening an office in Panama City.

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Boquete: A destination in the Health Tourism World

An article by Thalia Velasquez - The Wellness Pundit

It is so unfortunate that we humans tend to abuse our bodies, exposing ourselves to all kinds of stress and toxins. It is our tendency to consume without limits while our bodies withhold all the pressures of this lifestyle. This applies to all food, beverages, the pollution in the air and water, the lack of physical activities and working too much. this makes us feel anxious due to lack of time to achieve all our goals. The famous Mr. Time, who seems to always go against us.

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