Roberto Ivan Lopez, M.D.

Datos Importantes

  • Services: Medical Oncology, Chemotherapy, Hormone and Target Therapy Treatment for most types of cancer
  • Contact Information: Punta Pacifica Oncology, Punta Pacifica Medical Offices, 4th floor Suite #413 - 414 Tel: +507.204.8374 / America Medical Offices 6th floor, Suite #632, Tel: +507.229.5993
  • Preferred Hospitals: Punta Pacifica Hospital, San Fernando Hospital

Luis Santamaria

Founder of MedicalPan, entrepreneur and creator of Panasalud, S.A., the first great Health Communication agency in Panama. Luis is in Charge of insuring the compliance of the policies and standards that MedicalPan, S.A. applies to each of its patients and business associates from all over the world.