Boquete: A destination in the Health Tourism World

An article by Thalia Velasquez - The Wellness Pundit

It is so unfortunate that we humans tend to abuse our bodies, exposing ourselves to all kinds of stress and toxins. It is our tendency to consume without limits while our bodies withhold all the pressures of this lifestyle. This applies to all food, beverages, the pollution in the air and water, the lack of physical activities and working too much. this makes us feel anxious due to lack of time to achieve all our goals. The famous Mr. Time, who seems to always go against us.

Now, I will save you some time in finding a place where you can heal, because when life seems to be too much to handle you need to get away, so be prepared for the journey. Imagine a land of adventure, and natural beauty. A place where the natural springs fill the rivers with crystal clear water that nurture the rich volcanic soil, allowing the natives to cultivate the most delicious produce, including the best coffee and strawberries. A place where flowers bloom naturally inviting the birds to fly all over and make this place their home. A place with the most spectacular mountains that invite you to go on hikes and enjoy nice spring-like weather year round. A place with pure air. A place where you can heal.

This magical land is real, it’s set at the foothills of the majestic Baru Volcano; in the highlands of Panamá, and its name is Boquete. I have made this place my home, it was in my heart as a little girl. Back then, when I lived in the city of David I would beg my mom to bring me here every weekend, and I could only dream of living here. I wasn´t sure of what it was, but there was something in the air, the energy I felt that made me feel so good. It’s been 14 years now since I moved to Boquete with my husband Sam and kids, and after all these years I am still in love with Boquete.

After experiencing the loss of my husband due to cancer, I became more and more aware of the need to prevent illnesses rather than treating diseases. After years in search for the cure for his cancer, I came to realize that the answer is so simple: it’s all in what we consume, and how we live our life.

You see, I believe natural healing does not have to be accomplished through a certain system. I consider natural healing to be a lifestyle choice that begins in the diet and includes the daily use of yoga or meditation to stay healthy. This alone could provide full body healing. The main focus of healing is to bring yourself to a perfect balance of the mind, body and soul, allowing the body to heal by itself.

The serenity of Boquete with its wonderful sights, sounds and smells are host to the finest of natural produce that will touch your senses and much more. It’s so important to learn about the medicinal plants that were used in the ancient times, long before prescription drugs were invented. Boquete is home to the biggest variety of medicinal plants, and the natives know about them. I once had one of my employees come to work with leafs stuck into his ear. When I asked what it was, he told me it was parsley, he was suffering from an ear ache and it was the magical cure. He also told me he never takes prescription drugs, he gets all his cures from his backyard.

The food that we eat in Boquete is healthy, the soil is rich and mostly organic, this allows for a natural and healthy immune system ready to fight off disease. The mountains and hills around the town will invite your soul and body to a good, no sweat hiking trip while enjoying a cool breeze, allowing you to keep your body fit with a healthy heart. This is why you’ll find so many centennial people in Boquete.

This is a magical place with a million colors, a place where you can enjoy life. This place is not just in your imagination now, it is actually real. The energy I felt as a little girl is still here, it’s not just an emotion, it’s a true feeling that only this little town of Boquete can give you. Come and experience it, wake up! It’s time to feel empowered by Boquete.

Enjoy and live your life now because everything passes, but everything continues.

The author is Chairwoman at Valle Escondido Resort Golf & Spa.

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Sonya Ron Day

With a degree in Social Communications and over sixteen years experience in Journalism and Corporate Communications, Sonya specialices in health, sports and economy publications. She is British, mother, ex-athlete of high competence (member of the National Athletics Team), lover of reading and number one fan of her children.


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