5 reasons to go to Boquete

Located in the province of Chiriquí, the town of Boquete is a wonderful place, with a natural beauty that every year renews itself in a surprising way, with good and beautiful people and a million activities and experiences to live. There are so many different ways to enjoy the place that the reasons are enough to make the decision and make the trip of more than six and a half hours by car from Panama City or from anywhere in the country.

However, for those people who lack a little push to travel to the land of flowers and coffee, I leave five of the many reasons I have to return again and again to this beautiful natural paradise of Panama:

1. Just for the road trip

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The trip itself is a beauty. When we drive in the city daily, we do it to go to work, because we need to go to the supermarket or for reasons usually related to some need. This is completely different, and you can stop at the many towns you find along the road. It is a beauty of the road and in some stretches you can even stop and take a nice photo.

2. Enjoy the Temperate Climate

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The main characteristic of the highlands in the Republic of Panama, with respect to the rest of the country, is its pleasant temperate climate. The temperature also creates a whole new natural landscape, plants and trees different from those we usually see in other regions, which are much more entertaining to appreciate by a pleasant walk or bike ride along the many paths and paths of the village. From time to time a slight drizzle refreshes the environment a little more. The locals call it "bajareque" and it is a very pleasant dew that is practically the climatic signature of the town.

3. Do it for your pet!

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If you have a pet, the place is simply ideal for that hairy member of your family to experience the pleasure of great outdoors without worrying too much traffic, accidents or other mishaps. The climate they love and do them very well, the extra activity opens their appetite and most importantly, they avoid that you stay in the hotel without enjoying the paths and paths of the village!

4. Small and large hotels

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Boquete Hotels The Boquete tourist boom has produced its fruits in many ways, and one of the most striking is the large number and variety of hotels and hostels. There are options for all occasions, for all budgets and for all styles and preferences. Highly recommended are La Casa de la Abuela, Valle Escondido Resort & Spa, Riverside Inn and Villa Marita.

5. Flowers and nature

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Boquete Flowers and Coffee
Boquete is the floral capital of Panama. It is not in vain that it holds the Flower and Coffee Fair every January. The whole town is a multicolored show and all the boqueteños somehow contribute to raise this great event. In fact, this January is a great time to go and enjoy this magical place, its flowers, its coffee, its people and the wonderful harmony in which they simply exist and of which you become part as soon as you put your look In the Barú volcano from Alto Boquete, and you fill your lungs with pure air, your eyes of nature and color, and your heart of peace.

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