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  • Published in Company is a contact resource for those patients already living in Republic of Panama or those who plan to travel to our country, whenever they need to find a healthy services provider, a physician or a medical institution such as a Hospital or OR in the national territory of Panama. Our mission is to provide contact and help the patient to get in touch with the medical or health provider as soon as possible, with the lowest possible cost on a safe and secure environment. is a registered trademark property of Panasalud, S.A., a local panamanian company famous for it´s prestigious brand, a magazine, tv show and website with over 16 years at the service of health communications and education in the country.

Free, as in "Free Beer"!
The use of this website to contact a doctor, as well as the support provided by our human resource to help you achieve that contact, implies no monetary charge to the patient as a user. You will pay only for the health, dental, medical or hospitalary services provided by the provider you choose to contact, whenever that contact occurs. do not receive any commission or payment in exchange of the referral of a single patient or consumer to any of our clients. 

A family Business is administered by Luis Santamaria and Lorena Martinez, both from their offices in Panama City and in the town of Boquete in the Chiriqui highlands. Luis and Lorena are the technical and administrative contacts for the brand and their job is to make sure you find as quick as possible that doctor, dentist, clinic, hospital or wellness center you need. Luis and Lorena are happily married and have dedicated their lives to create this website and to provide all of our services.

Thank you for your confidence and feel free to navigate our pages, our doctors are waiting for your contact.


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