Weight Loss Surgeries & Laparoscopy

Dr. Alberto Navarro

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  • Specialty Areas Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Services Obesity Surgery, laparoscopic gastric bypass, Bariatric Surgery.
  • Telephone (507) 206-2478
  • Location Centro Médico Paitilla, Floor 3

Dr. Alejandro Yuil Valdés

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  • Specialty Areas General Surgery, Laparoscopic and minimally Invasive
  • Services General and laparoscopic surgery consultations, minor surgeries, biopsies, thyroid surgery, breast surgery, hernia and abdominal wall surgery, gallbladder surgery, appendectomy surgery, gastrointestinal surgery (gastric and small bowel tumor resection), colon and rectal surgery, venous permanent catheter placement (port-a-cath), peritoneal dialysis catheter laparoscopic placement (tenckhoff), trauma surgery, emergency consultations and emergency surgery.
  • Telephone (507) 305-6365 / 204-8315 / 775-4616
  • Location San Fernando Sur Medical Offices, 5th floor, Punta Pacífica Clinic, 3rd floor, Mae Lewis Medical center

Dr. Carlos Alberto Perurena

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  • Specialty Areas General Surgery, Laparoscopic
  • Services Consultation, Abdominal Surgery, Trauma, Laparoscopy
  • Telephone (507) 204-8313 / 305-6365
  • Location Punta Pacífica Hospital, 3rd floor,San Fernando Sur polyclinic, 5th floor

Dr. Edgardo A. Saavedra C.

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  • Specialty Areas Bariatric Surgery
  • Services Gastric Band, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Sleeve with derivation, Mini Gastric Bypass, Gastric Bypass Roux en Y, Bariatric Revision and Conversion Surgery, Metabolic Surgery for the Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes.Advanced and Basic Laparoscopic Procedure: Funduplication, Cholecistectomy, Appendectomy, Colon Resection (Benign disease), Ventral Hernia Repair, Inguinal Hernia Repair (TAPP, TEP), Umbilical Hernia Repair and others. All type of Gastrointestinal Surgical Procedure (open): Tiroid, ginecomasty, esophagus (Reflux disease), gallbladder, appendix, colon, hernias, breast biopsy.
  • Telephone (507) 2048315/3948364
  • Location Punta Pacífica Hospital, 5th Floor, #505; Hospital Nacional, Panamá City, 1st Floor, #105

Dr. Eduardo Rodríguez

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  • Specialty Areas General and laparoscopic Surgery.
  • Services General and laparoscopic surgery, Major surgery: tumors, small bowel, colon; Minor surgery: biopsy, porth a cath, breast, abscess, hernias; Emergency surgery: gallbladder, appendix, bowel obstruction; Wound therapy: negative pressure; Nutritional managment of surgical patients.
  • Telephone (507) 305-6300
  • Location San Fernando Hospital Third floor, room 3-1

Dr. Eliécer G.Tello

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  • Specialty Areas Endocrine Surgery, Obesity Surgery
  • Telephone (507) 305-6354 / 227-5444
  • Location San Fernando Norte Medical Offices, 4th floor

Dr. Julio Arias

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  • Specialty Areas Hand Surgery and Microsurgery.
  • Telephone (507) 204-8552 / 204-8318
  • Location Punta Pacífica Medical Offices, 1st floor

Dr. Mauricio Rodríguez Bravo

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  • Specialty Areas Hepatobiliopancreatic Surgery, Hepatic Transplant and Pancreas
  • Telephone (507) 278-6600 / 278-6609
  • Location San Fernando Specialized Clinic, 9th floor

Dr. Nestor Vega Yuil

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  • Specialty Areas Laparoscopic Advanced Procedures and Trauma
  • Telephone (507) 305-6365
  • Location San Fernando Sur Medical Offices, 5th floor

Dr. Nicolás Juan Liakópulos A.

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  • Specialty Areas Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Services Laparoscopic appendectomy, hiatal hernias, gastric band, intragastric ballon etc. Leading Bariatric Surgeon in expirience, number of cases in both public and prívate medicine, Panama. (Bariatrics : laparoscopic sleeve, laparoscopic lap-band , gastric plication, mini gastric bypass and gastric bypass). General minor and mayor laparoscopic surgery (diagnostic laporoscopy, cholecystectomy and common duct exploration, hiatal hernias gastroaesofagic reflux, colorectal surgery, stomach, small bowel, ventral and inguinal hernias , splenectomy, páncreas , peritonel dialysis catéter placement (Tenckhoff). Thousands of General and Cancer laparoscopic care patients. General open surgery, trauma. Aesofagic and thyroid surgery. Superficial lumps surgery (minor surgery). Permanent catheter placement (port- a- cath). Breast surgery (benign and malign tumors). Pioneer and expert in ambulatory surgery (complete team).
  • Telephone (507) 204-8300, (507) 204-8314 / (507) 305-6358, (507) 261-6036 / (507) 227-4733.
  • Location Punta Pacifica Hospital,( Affiliate to John Hopkins ) fourth floor, office 429 / San Fernando Hospital, North Policlinic, Office PB 7 / Hospital Santa Fe, Consultor.

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